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Avenue is the brainchild of award-winning designers Sheba Kwan, and Dan Whitfield. After years of providing highly customized dedicated home theater solutions the duo wanted to present a budget friendly alternative to one-of-a-kind custom designs. This service is available to homeowners, integrators, interior designers, architects and spec home builders.


Avenue Theater provides aesthetically pleasing technical interior design for home theaters. Our curated design selections can be easily adapted to each individual project. We deliver a complete drawing and specification package to allow for construction of your new entertainment space.

Our Founders

Sheba Kwan


Sheba is the founder and principal designer of parent company, Red Theory Inc. Recognized as an industry visionary, with a keen eye for contemporary design Sheba has developed award winning home theaters, media rooms, wine cellars and entertainment spaces throughout North America.


Sheba has a passion for fine art, and comes from a family filled with creativity; her grandfather was a Chinese Calligraphy Painter, and father was a Professional Commercial Photographer. Sheba is a study of architecture and design; and her schooling helped cultivate her artistic ability & vision.


Sheba has been recognized with eight CEDIA “Best Home Theater” Design Awards, and has received many international recognitions one of which is for “Best Seating Design.”


While juggling the many hats worn as the business principal, Sheba is an active runner and has a passion for travelling. She is a busy mom to Kaidan & Alexa as well as partner in crime to Paul.

Sheba Kwan | Avenue Theaters

Dan Whitfield


Dan is a bit of a nerd – and spends his time talking technology, a lot!


An industry veteran, and the founder of sister company AVI Consulting Dan is the technical designer for Avenue Theatres and solely focuses on the technology and project management of our design projects. Dan works closely with architects, custom builders, GC’s and Audio & Video installers to ensure that the very best products, and system designs are delivered to the client. He ensures that the fewest possible compromises between interior aesthetics and technical performance are taken.


Dan began his career in the electronics industry in the late teens, driven by curiosity & passion for technology – aka techie to the core…, he was employed by both national & specialized independent retails for consumer electronics. In 2009 Dan co-founded a residential specialized installation firm, Sublime Integration. Dan has received many international recognitions for technical Audio & Video design, and is the recipient of Ten CEDIA awards.


Dan has two sons Preston and Ethan, and when not hanging out with wife Crystal you will find him on a golf course; or ski slope!

Dan Whitfield | Avenue Theaters