Eglington Ave

Eglington Ave Custom Home Theater Eglington Ave Custom Home Theater Eglington Layout Eglington Ave Custom Home Theater

Image Rendering based on following room size: 18’ Width, 24’ Length, 9’ Ceiling

If you’re in Toronto and you’re looking for a place to walk and enjoy diverse retail offerings, a place with a little something for everyone, you would go to Eglington Avenue. In the spirit of this area, we designed Eglington Ave, a home theater design that incorporates a little something for everyone.


Design elements such as soft furnishings, faux suede curtains and decorative pendant lighting set the mood. While architectural millwork details, integrated LED lighting, a custom printed back wall art feature, and a stunning acoustic decorative ceiling tie in the uniqueness of the space. We truly worked this design around the something for everyone approach and in each area you’ll find a special something that anchors you to the room!

Surface Mount Acoustic Panels
  • Pre-Fabricated or Custom Sized fabric wrapped acoustic panels designed for simple installation.
  • Lowest cost acoustic treatment
  • Reduce Echo
  • Improve voice intelligibility
  • Improve audio fidelity
  • All designs feature industry leading Guilford of Maine fabrics
Custom Fabric Printing
  • High Resolution graphic printing on Guilford of Maine acoustical fabrics.
Acoustic Fabric for Curtain Installation
  • Guilford of Maine acoustical fabrics for curtain panels

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