Electric Ave

Electric Ave | Custom Home Theater Design by Avenue Theater Electric Ave | Custom Home Theater Design by Avenue Theater

Image Rendering based on following room size: 18’ Width, 24’ Length, 9’ Ceiling

Electric Avenue is where it all began and it is Avenue Theaters only “non-Toronto” inspired design. This is because Electric Avenue is near and dear to our Principal Designer, Sheba Kwan, as it was her childhood street growing up. Drawing inspiration from her childhood, Sheba designed Electric Ave as the first “Avenue Theater” concept and it began as Sheba’s personal home theater project.


Like the name of her childhood street, Sheba wanted this design to stand out and be electric with big elements of drama. As such Electric Ave features a high-resolution printed ceiling; a high contrasting color palette, and clean contemporary wall panelling design.

Stretch Track Acoustic Installation
  • Custom installed track system, allowing acoustic treatments to be hidden from view.
  • “Invisible” Control of interior Acoustics
  • Reduce Echo
  • Improve voice intelligibility
  • Improve audio fidelity
  • All designs feature industry leading Guilford of Maine fabrics
Custom Fabric Printing
  • High Resolution graphic printing on Guilford of Maine acoustical fabrics.

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